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Maoyuu continues to go well. Hero is off working on the military side of matters, Demon King is working on the economic/political side of things. About a year has passed and they haven’t seen much of each other in this time, which Demon King isn’t too happy about. When he does drop by at New Years, they have their heartfelt reunion, talk about how much they mean to each other… and berate each other about the attention the other’s been getting from members of the opposite sex. It’s like they’re a married couple already.

Demon King and Hero in the bedroom

Of course, Hero has to say something to get her a bit mad. And yes, that is a body pillow of Hero that she’s beating him with.

Of course, they’ve both still got a lot of work cut out for them, and there’s new campaigns in the war starting. It also looks like Hero is going to make contact with another one of his party soon, which should mean more help with the endeavour – but of course, it’ll probably take a bit of effort to get him on their side. And speaking of which, Demon King wants to properly make friends with the Lady Knight nun, so she confesses that she’s been lying to her and is, in fact, the Demon King.

Demon King confesses to Lady Knight

About what you’d expect to happen

Luckily, Lady Knight forgives her for lying and decides that merely being Demon King isn’t actually a sin, so it’s all good.

Compared to most seasons, there isn’t much in this one that I’m excited about, but so far the quality here is making up for the lack of quantity elsewhere.



Today’s review is of one of the shows currently airing, so it’ll be more impressions of the show so far while I’m still excited about it, rather than the more balanced view I’d come to after having seen a whole show and had a while to really digest it. It’s Maoyuu – Maou and Yuusha. Translates as Demon King and Hero.

The first thing is that it strikes me as being very much like Spice and Wolf. No surprise, given that they’re both shows about economics in a medieval-ish setting with a mortal man and long-lived supernatural woman in the lead roles. Even down to the voice cast; Fukuyama Jun and Koshimizu Ami respectively play the same roles in both. And it further underlines the point Spice and Wolf made; that an anime made the right way can make even economics interesting. I’ve long held that it’s possible to make an interesting anime about just about anything, and here’s proof. Though of course it does help that Spice and Wolf has Holo naked a lot and this has an impressive rack on Demon King.

Demon King's boobs

Anime: where this is what the Demon King’s chest looks like.

This brings us to one of the show’s gimmicks; none of the characters are given names, they’re only addressed by the role they play. And in the case of Demon King, it should really be Demon Queen but apparently King is the traditional title, even if the one holding it is female. Traditions can be strange like that.

The show starts with a great, long-running war between the human world and the demon world in progress, and the Hero splitting off from the party to hurry up and slay the Demon King. When he gets to the palace, he discovers that he Demon King is female, attractive (this is anime…) and not really looking for a fight. In fact, she’s all for lasting peace between the demon and human worlds, but needs some help to do the work needed for both worlds to survive without the war driving things. She gives the Hero her pitch, and they run off together to make it happen.

Demon King and Hero decide to do it as low key as possible to begin with, and move to a mansion in a tiny little village with no particular importance. It’s only a little mansion, so it’s still low key, right? Anyway, they get to work on improving agricultural methods so there’ll be enough food to go around so the humans don’t start fighting each other once there’s peace with the demons. Then they start looking to bring the holy church’s organization in to start educating people in the new methods, where they encounter the Female Knight from the Hero’s adventuring party who’s become a nun. And is jealous of Demon King for her apparent relationship with the Hero. And the Demon King gets the idea that Female Knight is an old flame of his and gets jealous of her. Yeah, seems like these days you can’t have more than two female characters and a male protagonist without it turning into a harem show.

Female Knight

Anime: where nuns are anything but nun-like. This one’s good with a sword.

Anyway, it’s pretty good so far. It’s no grand masterpiece, but neither is it on my list of guilty pleasures. Demon King in particular is a fun character (for non-boob-related reasons too), and I’m looking forward to seeing how they manage to fix the human and demon worlds. And likely what they screw up in the process.