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The Beginning

My name is David, and I watch too much anime. I have opinions about a lot of them, which up until now I’ve really only shared with friends and customers at work. But that changes now! I’ve decided that what the world really needs is yet another anime blog. so I’m here to share my opinions on the anime I watch. It won’t be a detailed blow-by-blow of the current season on Japanese TV, nor will it be a “proper” review trying to objectively judge and score various elements of the shows. Just what I think about what I watch, mixtures of old and new titles, over as many genres and themes as I can be bothered watching.

I’ll also mainly be posting about shows I like. There’s just not enough time in the week to even watch everything I like, nevermind what I don’t, so I don’t feel the need to spend any on stuff I hate just so I can say I hate it. That said, I’ll give many things a shot, so I’ll likely give some brief but pointed opinions of some shows after an episode or two and then never speak of them again, unless it’s in the context of “unlike Bad Show X, Good Show Y does Z rather well.”

Also, it’s primarily about anime, but I read a lot of manga too, so from time to time I’ll post what I think about what I’ve been reading as well. So, read on and have fun.