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It’s no secret that I like slice-of-life shows. I’m a little less forthcoming about the fact that I have some guilty pleasures in my anime watching, mostly in the form of harem anime. But if I’m going to be a reviewer, even one that just talks a bit about stuff he likes, I should at least talk about some of the ones that aren’t actually that good. Today’s example is GJ-bu, or Good Job Club.

It has a fairly standard setting: a high school club that either has very vaguely defined activities or a well-defined one that they get wildly off-topic from. GJ-bu is the vaguely defined variant. And as usual, there’s one male character and several different female character archetypes, all of whom have an interest (sometimes ambiguously so) in him for no particularly good reason.

Shinomiya Kyouya

The male lead, Shinomiya Kyouya. Nicknamed “Kyoro”.

My defence for liking this kind of show is my fondness for interesting character interaction, which is about the most meaningful thing you’ll usually get in something like this. Well, that and the pretty girls. And in this case, it’s more slice of life comedy than romance, which also helps. Now, I mentioned vaguely defined club activities. In this, I’m four episodes in and I’m not sure if what the club’s supposed to do is ever mentioned. They certainly haven’t done anything that might be defensible as a club activity so far. Maybe their school is unusually generous in handing out rooms to any group of students calling themselves a club.

The club

Typical club activities

But eh, who cares. It’s fun. It won’t win any awards for originality, but it’s entertaining enough. Recommended to anyone who wants to switch their brain off after a long day at work and watch something for a bit of a chuckle.