Psycho Pass, further thoughts

Instead of doing the finishing touches on my K-On review like I should be, today I want to talk a bit more about how Psycho Pass is going, because HOLY SHIT THIS WEEK’S EPISODE.

Well, holy shit the last few episodes really, but Akane’s actions in particular in this episode just take it to another level. Also, significant spoilers here. Don’t read on if you want to watch it and be surprised.

Akane’s gone through a lot, going from the naive newbie to good cop to not quite willing to kill Makishima against the Sybil System’s judgement and now to outright threatening to kill Makishima (who the System wants alive) if she doesn’t get her way on a related matter. And the System agreeing to her demand, because it can tell she means it.

And things are looking about as peachy for the other characters too… Kogami’s gone rogue with murder on his mind, Ginoza’s been staring too long into the abyss like Kogami had before becoming an Enforcer, and Kagari’s dead. Whatever way things go from here, things are in for a pretty big shakeup and nothing’s going to be the same as it was. I don’t like to call things like this so quickly, but Psycho Pass may well be the best thing I see all year.


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